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Collaborative Capitalism

Nearly all business models these days are overly shareholder focused and I suppose for good reasons. The extent to which government issued currency is being debased and manipulated warrants such a behavior as high returns are needed to offset the debasement of the currency. Overtime, you end up with asset bubbles, velocity of money goingContinue reading “Collaborative Capitalism”

Project Catalyst – Decentralized Funding on Cardano

“What causes poverty? Nothing. It’s the original state, the default and starting point. The real question is, what causes prosperity?” (quote by https://twitter.com/PerBylund ) The quote above is just a little something for you guys n gals to think about… Anyway, moving on. Project Catalyst will help us understand how we can effectively deploy +$100mContinue reading “Project Catalyst – Decentralized Funding on Cardano”

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