Intro to the ICORG stakepool that gives you more

An introduction to ICO Research Group.

We started off the crypto journey back in 2017 and was floored by the idea that anyone, anywhere could invest in the best deals possible without any restrictions. This single idea is what made us interested in digging deeper and it brought us to where we are today.

The people who get access to the best investments with the most upside are the Venture Capitalists. They have the incredible upside because they can invest at the earliest stage possible. The public are left with the IPO round which has the least possible upside. Crypto has given smaller investors access to make some remarkable returns if investments are made wisely.

There are many ways to make returns on your investment and the way we like to do it is by supporting fundamentally sound projects where we believe in the vision and the people. For us, it is people first and projects second…

We initially started off as just one person (Finance Guy) but have recently added someone to the team (Tech Guy). We have known each other for many years, well before Cardano was born. We began the stakepool journey near the beginning of the Haskell Testnet phase and now have our pool ready on the Cardano Shelley Mainnet.

Ticker: ICORG

Pool margin: 3%

Fixed fee: Minimum

Pledge: 10k ADA (Permanent and increasing overtime)

Pool ID: d35efae280f5bce2254a8d9185ab4296032003efa8d9331d8bc3d74c

Our team is more than happy to collaborate with others on projects to help build out the Cardano eco system, we have the skills and experience to do some great work.

We will continually improve our systems to make sure it is as good as possible.

Thank you for reading our intro and happy staking!

We are Finance & IT professionals with over 10 years of experience and have been working in the DLT sector since 2017.

With regards to Finance, we have been actively involved in Investment Financing and have also worked in traditional Corporate Finance Management. We believe that these are two key industries that are ripe for significant disruption over the coming decades due to the emergence of DLT.

With regards to IT, our team possesses vast experience in developing scalable software and web solutions covering the full stack to a production ready state by adopting the most cutting-edge technologies that exist. Technology is one of our passions and we ensure that we keep on top of new developments in this space and adhere to good software development practises.

We use our knowledge base to find industry shaping projects, invest in them and actively support them using our resources. The projects must help create and fairer and more inclusive world for us to support them.



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