New DeFi protocol development financing structures made possible by Cardano

Since Ethereum was born we have seen teams being funded through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). ICOs are like IPOs but instead of investors receiving shares in a company they receive tokens. These tokens are supposed to give the holder some form of utility; perhaps a discount on products/services offered by the company issuing the tokens.Continue reading “New DeFi protocol development financing structures made possible by Cardano”

Collaborative Capitalism

Nearly all business models these days are overly shareholder focused and I suppose for good reasons. The extent to which government issued currency is being debased and manipulated warrants such a behavior as high returns are needed to offset the debasement of the currency. Overtime, you end up with asset bubbles, velocity of money goingContinue reading “Collaborative Capitalism”


Originally posted this on twitter – (1/7) This is the AD/AS model which shows the aggregate demand and supply for goods and services within an economy. Changes in AD (Demand) and AS (Supply) effect the prices of goods and services. Price is shown on the Y axis. Changes in AD and AS also effect theContinue reading “Coronanomics”

Project Catalyst – Decentralized Funding on Cardano

“What causes poverty? Nothing. It’s the original state, the default and starting point. The real question is, what causes prosperity?” (quote by ) The quote above is just a little something for you guys n gals to think about… Anyway, moving on. Project Catalyst will help us understand how we can effectively deploy +$100mContinue reading “Project Catalyst – Decentralized Funding on Cardano”

Delegating to Stakepools that will help create a secure and valuable network.

We have all exchanged our cash/assets to acquire ADA because we fundamentally believe/understand that Cardano can become one of the most valuable DLT projects in the world. Therefore, as an ADA holder, one of your objectives is to maximize the purchasing power of the coins you hold. Cardano has been built out in a methodicalContinue reading “Delegating to Stakepools that will help create a secure and valuable network.”