ICORG Stakepool

Cardano (ADA)

We are more than just a Stakepool.

Ticker: ICORG

Pool ID: d35efae280f5bce2254a8d9185ab4296032003efa8d9331d8bc3d74c

A fair structure for both parties…

We have set a 0.69% pool margin, a minimum fixed fee and a 420 pledge. (We have delegated to our pool and will pledge more once pledging from a hardware wallet becomes available) (Margin fee will go up sometime next year)

We will be reinvesting most of what we earn to make Cardano more valuable; we have the skills, experience and network to make it happen.

On a reliable stakepool…

We will be adopting best practises to ensure maximum node uptime to help maintain a strong network. Currently running off cloud servers but will be also running on a bare metal custom built server later this year. https://twitter.com/ICOResearchGRP/status/1288546470401105926

That gives you extra perks…

If you delegate 500k ADA or more to our stakepool, you will get access to our independent research and market updates. This will give you valuable insights into how the digital asset market works. You will receive real-time alerts and position changes that we make to maximise gains and reduce downside risks. If you have been following us on Twitter or in our Pro Access group, you will know how spot on we have been.

The core assets we produce material on are Bitcoin, Cardano and the Celsius Network token.

If you are already holding Cardano, then it won’t cost you anything to delegate to us!

Drop us a message on Twitter or Telegram prior to delegating and once the delegation is confirmed, we will send you a link to our Pro Access Telegram group chat.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOResearchGRP

Telegram: https://t.me/icoresearchgroup

Committed to growth…

Since 2017 we have been following a few projects very carefully and researching new ways in which DLT can be adopted. We are currently in the process of building something that will be super useful for the Cardano community.

Want to help beta test the product? Then shoot us a message on Twitter or Telegram (links are above).

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

ICORG Stakepool

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